CelebraZine 12Jan09

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.Abraham Lincoln

Resurrected1 presents this powerful video, In My Name. A simple video message could join thousands of others in the call to end poverty in our lifetime.

Things Change

You can’t assume
The worst will come
Because the world changes
All the time
In so many ways
That sooner or later
Something great will come along
And sweep you from your pain
It will come unexpected
When you are going about your business,
Because there with you
Are your secret wishes.

(c) Morgan Green, 2006

Many thanks to those featured today, for the work they do to better our world!!!

This concludes today’s posting of CelebraZine (eZine to Celebrate What’s Right in the World), a ‘running blog carnival’ (of posts    both found and shared with me) that uplift and inspire….an inspiration of sayings, video, audio (music and speech), images, poetry–anything and everything that feeds the positive in heart, spirit, and mind.

Our focus dictates what we see, which reinforces our focus, further confining the possibility of what we will see.

May you be blessed by these offerings reminding us of the beauty, wonder, and sacredness in the world around us and within us.

Celebrate yourself!

Be a part of the expression of celebration. Submit your submission (containing text, image, video, and audio, poetry, quotes, etc.) anytime for the daily installments of CelebraZine, a ‘running blog carnival’ of What’s Right in the World.

Note: Even if you are not the blogger of the work you’d like to suggest, but have noticed someone’s work that you think should be included in a Celebration of What’s Right in the World–empowering people and spirit–please point out the work to us.

Blessings, dear ones,


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2 responses to “CelebraZine 12Jan09

  1. “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. –Abraham Lincoln”

    Absolutely! We all have the ability to lead and inspire! What is there not to say. Together, we can leave a better world for generations to come!

    I thought you might enjoy this (perhaps you’ve already watched it) — Lead Out Loud

  2. Thank you, dear azoptimist. Your kindness has meant alot.
    Great video. Thank you for that, as well.
    Blessings to you and all you hold dear,

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