CelebraZine 01Dec08

Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty. ~ Anne Herbert, peace activist

photo by Yodod

Welcome to the daily posting


(eZine to Celebrate What’s Right in
the World), a ‘running blog carnival’ (of posts both found and shared with me) that uplift
and inspire…. a daily inspiration of sayings, video, audio
(music and speech), images, poetry–anything and everything that feeds the
positive in heart, spirit, and mind.

Our focus dictates what we see, which reinforces our focus, further confining the possibility of what we will see.

May you be blessed by these offerings reminding us of the beauty, wonder, and sacredness in the world around us and within us.
This first edition heavily leans toward the written celebration. I have included some of my recent favorites from across the web.




I would like to open with this beautiful video,
The Gentle and Forgotten Art of Blessings
posted by
on Youtube.
From Butterflygris’ profile: “We are people from different backgrounds and all walks of life. The spirit of sharing is the essence of personal and planetary transformation.” 

Beautiful image and imagery of the nature or love.

 Be a part of the expression of celebration.
Submit your submission
anytime for the daily installments of CelebraZine, a ‘running blog carnival’ of What’s Right
in the World.

Note: Even if you are not the blogger of the work you’d like to suggest, but have noticed someone’s work that you think should be included in a Celebration of What’s Right in the World, –empowering people and spirit–please point out the work to us.


Blessings, dear


C.G. Walters
 primarily writes fiction that focuses on the multidimensionality of our lovesand our lives.

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